405 S 100 West, Suite 200
Bountiful, Utah 84010


This school has the finest instructors and amazing management!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn only the best in massage therapy. Shelby Hilton has been my families massage therapist for several years. She is always able to help any pain with her massage! Her amazing talent paired with her positive upbeat engery always leaves you feeling completely physically and mentally renewed! Keep up the great work ladies!
I felt very daunted about the tuition and re-entering the entire school experience in general. It seemed too much to be able to pay for and commit myself to school while working my two part time jobs. Not to mention I had just gotten out of a divorce and had very little to no savings. But after asking a manager of a spa in Orem, who will remain nameless, what kind of education they look for on potential client's resumes, and this being the first school they said they look for, FOLLOWED by Utah School of Massage Therapy, I felt a little more assured this was the school for me (despite my anxieties of entering into a new school). But my anxiety was quickly put to rest, Jill has been super amazing in helping me with my personal financial budget and making it work. They genuinely want to see you get an education and succeed, and after the little prior college experience I had where the teachers didn't even care your name it was refreshing to have these instructors. If they need to reschedule a class they ask everyone in the class the best time to do the make up class, working with work and family schedules. It is a laid back but thorough schooling education and I love it!

Intermountain Massage Therapy College does a really great job! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent massage school. Shelby Hilton is a fantastic instructor with a tremendous amount of experience.