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Leighann Shelton

Leighann Shelton

Leighann has over 7 years of education and training in her field as a Movement Educator and Bodyworker. She holds certifications in The Feldenkrais® Method, Rolfing® Structural Integration and The Pilates Method, giving her a comprehensive background uncommonly found in her field. She addresses structural limitations in the body, the movement patterns that coexist with them and the awareness necessary for lasting change. She has taught at Structural Integration colleges and massage therapy colleges.

Leighann uses a compassionate, educational model while creating an environment that empowers her students and honors their inner authority. Using techniques that increase the odds of lasting neuroplastic change, Leighann creates experiences that take full advantage of our innate capacity to learn and apply what has been learned. Leighann wants her students to be able to do what they want to do in life with ease and confidence.