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Top 50 Careers

Published May 11th, 2017

Now! The perfect time to begin your massage therapy career according to a recent study done US News is now. Massage Therapy is rapidly becoming a career of choice recognized by the public as a tool for maintaining health and well-being. US News considered many factors in choosing the top 50 careers—job growth projections from the labor department, job satisfaction, above-average employment growth and careers that do not require extensive graduate level schooling.

Salary and rate of pay when taken into consideration showed that the average massage therapist earns between $45 and $100 an hour depending on where he lives (pay on the East Coast is higher than on the West Coast). Sports Massage ranks number one in job placement with opportunities for massage therapists in fitness centers, spas, resorts, chiropractic offices, in physical rehabilitation facilities with salaries averaging $80 per hour.

The Internet is credited with other specialized massage modalities rising to the top as people become more concerned and involved in their own health care. Geriatric massage has taken a leap due to the number of baby boomers now in their mid- sixties and the increased emphasis upon movement and health being one of the keys to longevity. Even such specialties as Equine (Horse) Massage along with Pet massage are now being commonly taught as specialties. The merging of Eastern and Western Medicine opens the door for those massage therapists trained in Shiatsu, Tuina, Zen and Ayurvedic massage.

Community education, in which parents are taught to massage their infants and children are now popular classes taught by massage therapy schools throughout the country.

Cranio Sacral Therapy and Reiki are making the news with the benefits and research demonstrating the practical use of both of these therapies on children with learning disabilities and autism.

There could not be a better time for you to begin your career as a massage therapist.

Blog Written by Colleen Anne Snow, M.A. Ed, LMT, RMT, LLC

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